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Behind the Scenes:  Introducing the MCHS Broadcasting Team

Posted on Friday, August 27, 2021 at 11:06 am

By Shelly Maynard

One thing is certain in Moore County:  sports are important to our locals. While most of us prefer to attend games in person, this isn’t an option for everyone. For years, we have been able to listen to the game on the radio, but thanks to technology, fans can now have a deeper look at the games.

In 2016, the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations), pitched the idea of a broadcasting team to the school. Mr. Jonah Deal, teacher, and sponsor behind the MCHS Broadcasting Team, had a fire set under him to make this a reality for the school. At the time, the girls’ basketball team, including Kinsley Logan and Kursten Hawkins, were stomping the courts and making it known that they were strong competitors in the sport. Not only would the broadcasting team help get their talents displayed in front of more people and schools, but it also opened the door for added community support, near and far.

Over time, our older generations get to the point where they are unable to attend games in person. When Johnny Logan was battling sickness and unable to attend games, Jonah Deal and the team gave him the opportunity to continue his love and support from home. This became the root of why Jonah wanted to ensure that the Broadcasting team would become a full-time reality for the school. His big heart couldn’t bear the idea of grandparents and other family members missing out on a game!

The original crew started out with three people – Mr. Deal, Sam Cartwright, and Westin Hart. Jonah was the commentator at the games and drove the students. Sam was the camera guy and the artist behind the graphics. Westin was the brains behind the computers used to pull everything together. They started out by borrowing a camera from basketball, a soundboard from football, and spent $60.00 on a capture device. During basketball season, they were going to at least four to five games per week. When reflecting on the start-up, Jonah said, “It was tough, but when we reflect on it, we had some of the best of times!”

Today, Moore County High School is labeled as a NFHS Elite School, meaning that it is one of the programs’ top broadcasting teams. Mr. Deal credits this back to the students. He is proud of their hard work and dedication to the school and community. The amount of work compared to the reward is minimal, so if you see Mr. Deal or a member of the team, be sure to reach out. Without them, our community members who are unable to attend in person wouldn’t be able to participate in the games and events.

The growth of the team has been exponential in their five years. Mr. Deal is appreciative of the local advertising sponsors because, without the financial support and backing, the team would cease to exist. In addition to the live-streaming of games, the Broadcasting team has released an app in the Apple Store that the community can easily access for games on the go.

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