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Beat the Peak activation for Friday morning low temps

Posted on Thursday, December 8, 2016 at 10:45 am

11-20-16 thermometer_coldLYNCHBURG, Tenn. — Forecasts call for temperatures in the low 20s or high teens on Friday morning, Dec. 9, prompting Duck River Electric Membership Corporation (DREMC) to call for voluntary demand reduction measures through Beat the Peak.

Emails and texts will be sent to thousands of co-op members, alerting them to an expected period of high electricity demand between 6-8 a.m. caused by high home-heating load. Radio stations will broadcast peak alerts that encourage co-op members across southern Middle Tennessee to be aware of the peak and take steps to lower electricity use.

A peak alert does not mean there is a shortage of power. Instead, it means the cost of wholesale power could increase to almost $10 per kilowatt hour during the 60 minutes of highest demand. Beat the Peak™ aims to shave the peak in order to keep wholesale costs down, thereby avoiding hundreds of thousands of dollars in peak penalties that eventually have to be passed on to all ratepayers.

“Beat the Peak and other demand reduction efforts yield wholesale power bill savings with every activation. Taking steps to lower electricity use during the peak hour really makes a difference,” says Steve Oden, DREMC’s director of Member Services.

Co-op members are asked to set heating system thermostats down at least three degrees, turn off lights in unoccupied rooms, avoid using ovens and dish washers, delay doing laundry (especially running the clothes dryer) and reduce hot water use.

When the peak period has passed, normal use of electricity can resume.

“We are in the winter cycle now and expect to issue monthly peak alerts,” says Oden. “There is always the possibility of a very frigid spell when record demand could affect the power supply. Beat the Peak is an effective tool to use in both cases.”

To sign up for Beat the Peak emails and texts, go to <> or contact your local DREMC office.