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Tims Ford Marina project inches forward

Posted on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 at 3:39 pm

WINCHESTER, Tenn. — Winchester is taking a step forward with the Tims Ford Marina project with the city council approving a grant application to develop a three-phase road from Highway 50 to the facility’s boat ramp and parking lot.

The city is applying for an $806,000 Federal Land Access Grant of which the city will pay $161,200, with the federal governing chipping in the remaining $644,800 in an 80-20 percent financial agreement.

City Administrator Beth Rhoton said the $806,000 will cover the first phase. She added that the cost of the additional two phases has not been determined.

The consent was granted by the council to apply for the grant worth $644,800.

If approved, the city will begin the paving process in the beginning of 2016.

It will be divided into three phases, the first being from Highway 50 to the 90 degree turn on the property of the marina, with an estimated cost of $806,000.

Phase two will involve developing the road further to a 90 degree bend then on to the marina’s boat ramp.

Phase three would involve the roadway being extended through the marina area and accessing its parking lot.

Rhoton said the city’s $161,200 will be included in the 2016 fiscal year budget.

She said the council will not know whether the federal government will approve the grant application until this coming autumn.

“This is the first time we have applied for this grant,” she said. “It will help out tremendously towards the project.”

The council has otherwise been working diligently in recent weeks to get details worked out with a lease agreement to develop the marina on the 80 acres near Dry Creek at Winchester’s west corporate limit.

Although the Council has until March for the lease to be finalized, Rhoton said the city should get a head start and get a final version sent to Tennessee Valley Authority for approval. TVA is involved because the property is part of Tims Ford Lake which is managed by the federal agency.

—By COURTNEY STACHEL, Herald-Chronicle Staff Writer

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