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The idea of “paying it forward” continues at Motlow through the Harder Scholarship

Posted on Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at 6:08 pm

Motlow profesors Ward and Janice Harder, Director of Advancement Jan Rogers, and recipient Heather SimmonsHeather Karolyn Simmons attends Motlow College on a scholarship because of another student’s commitment to “paying it forward.”

Bill Reed of Washington was a student at another community college in the state in the 1970’s and had a professor that inspired him. That professor was Dr. Ward Harder of Motlow College.

According to Harder, Reed was on the verge of dropping out of college and credits Harder for the encouragement to continue. Reed became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), worked for Microsoft and is currently teaching outside of Seattle, Wash. When he was financially able, he honored the Harders’ service to education by establishing the Ward and Janice Harder Scholarship through the Motlow College Foundation.

Harder and his wife Janice have instructed countless students at Motlow since moving to Moore County in 1976.

 “We were extremely honored when Bill established the Ward and Janice Harder Scholarship. In addition to our classroom experiences with students, we hope this scholarship will continue to affect students’ lives positively as they pursue their chosen careers. We are very pleased that Heather has been selected to receive this year’s scholarship,” Ward said.

Simmons wants to be an accountant and is enrolled in Motlow’s Adult College Express (ACE) program. She applied for the scholarship through the Foundation and said she was thrilled when she received a letter stating she was chosen.

“I am returning to college after being out of school for over 10 years. The scholarship will help me obtain my goal of getting a degree,” Simmons said.

As part of the scholarship agreement, Simmons also pledges to help others in the future who are in financial need so they too can gain access to higher education.

“I recognize that helping others to achieve dreams is one of the most important acts of caring I can demonstrate,” she said.

In addition to the scholarship, an endowment fund is also in place honoring Drs. Ward and Janice Harder. Visit the College website to learn more about how to be a scholarship donor, including donating to existing scholarships and endowments. Contact Jan Rogers, director of advancement by calling (931) 393.1692 or (800) 654.4877 ext. 1692 or by email at