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Remembering the Legacies of Two Beloved Souls

Posted on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 at 3:07 pm

by Sarah Raymond

Albert Einstein stated that “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” Teaching is a common profession, but for some, it is a unique and beautiful calling. Moore County has had to say goodbye to two of its most beloved teachers this past week, but the memory of what these men have done and the impact they have had are far from gone. Jable Dean and Tommy Beavers were
teachers who not only gave their students the gift of knowledge but also gave them the love and confidence they needed to do great things.

Tommy Beavers was an FFA teacher for 36 years at the high school, and Mr. Dean served as both a principal and a teacher after his military days. These men were a light to everyone they met, both inside and outside the classroom. They loved their students like family, and they set the standard for what it means to truly be a teacher.

Many have remarked that these men were some of the best teachers they have ever had, and a few of the people who were blessed to know them well contributed statements regarding the impact these men had on their lives.

Wanda Scott: “Mr. Jable Dean will be Greatly Missed by all of his students he had at Highland Rim School in the 60’s. He was a well-respected Math Teacher and Friend.
After we graduated eighth grade and went on to Fayetteville Central High School, he began teaching there also. Later in life, I found out he lived on Tims Ford Lake, not far from Holiday Landing and Marina. We have had our boats there for several years.
So, when some of my classmates got together for Class Reunions, I decided we needed to go visit Mr. Dean. We really enjoyed seeing him and visiting with him. He was sharp as a tack and remembered everyone. One of my classmates, Debby Kinser
Stowe, and I went to visit Mr. Dean last October at the Lake. We were so happy he was home and that we got to spend some time with him. We never dreamed it would be the last time we would ever see him. We got some great pictures, and we will
always cherish the good times spent with him. He will forever be in our hearts! Until we meet again.

Debby Kinser Stowe: “In 1968, I was in eighth grade at Highland Rim. This was one of Mr. Dean’s first teaching jobs. We were a close group, and I think we were
special to Mr. Dean, as were all his students. When we left for Central High School, Mr. Dean and two of our other teachers went to the high school also. According to Mr. Dean, it was to keep us in line, and so he did, seeing us graduate in 1971. My dearest memory is not an old one but from October 2020. A dear friend took me by boat to see Mr. Dean. We almost missed him as he was getting back from Tunica. We laughed and talked, and I shed a few tears when we left. I will never forget him walking up the stairs to his home and turning, giving us a big smile and waving. Goodbye, Mr. Dean.”

Allison Ferrell: “My memory would be of [Mr. Dean] always coming to my grandparents’ house and him always smiling. He was a very caring man that would do anything for anyone. My dad, my brother, and I would always go fishing on his dock, and he was more than welcome to have us. He was one-of-a-kind and touched so many people’s lives. If you ever met Jable Dean, you had a friend for life. He was nice
and never was mean to anyone. He left a legacy, and for that, he will be remembered and will be in our lives forever.”

Christy Millsaps: “This breaks my heart. [Tommy Beavers] was everyone’s biggest supporter. Tom and I met in his class, and he came to our wedding and taught Amber and Zachary. He will be greatly missed.”

Shannan Hutcheson: “[Mr. Beavers] was one of the most positive and encouraging teachers at MCHS in my day there. He ALWAYS had a smile and a kind word to say. I’m deeply saddened to hear of his passing. His family will be in my thoughts and prayers.”

Anita Cripps: “Both of these men were wonderful teachers that cared deeply for their students. Mr. Beavers was my FFA teacher and always pushed us to be better! I always enjoyed his class, especially our trips to the state fair in Nashville when several of us entered tobacco, something you don’t see much of now. He sure will be missed!”

We offer our condolences to the families of these two men and pray that you will find peace during this difficult time.